Other names: Lolagbola, Emola, M'Baboi, Tola chinfuta, Kitola, Akwakwa

Botanical name: Oxystigma oxphyllum

Density: Green 840 - 960 kg/m3

     Seasoned 650 kg/m3 (Average at 12% MC)

Durability: Moderately durable

Grain: Straight / Slightly Interlocked

Texture: Medium / coarse

Heartwood: Redish brown with dark rings

Sapwood: Pink white clearly distinguishable

Sawing: Easy (Slight blunting effect, tendency of gum may accumulate on tools)

Drying: Medium

              Risk of distortion: Slight

              Risk of checking: Slight

Machining: Not difficult, presence of gum may clog cutters

Wood bending: No information

Gluing: Good

Nailing: Holding properties - Good

Finishing: Good

End uses: Plywood, Boxes & creates, Furniture, Painted exterior joinery (Treated), Painted interior joinery