Other names: Abokpo, Kanran, Nyareti, Mevini, Ebano, Bingo

Botanical name: Diospyros crassiflora Pierre


Density: Green 1,240 - 1,410 kg/m3

     Seasoned 1,040 kg/m3 (Average at 12% MC)

Durability: Very durable

Grain: Straight - slightly / occasionally interlocked

Texture: Fine

Heartwood: Jet black or brown with black streaks

Sapwood: Distinguishable pale colour

Sawing: Easy (Severe blunting effect)

Drying: Medium to rapid

              Risk of distortion: Slight

              Risk of checking: Slight

Machining: Special machining required

Wood bending: Easy

Gluing: Good

Nailing: Holding properties - Good pre-boring necessary

Finishing: Good

End uses: Turnery, High-class joinery & interior fittings, Tool handles