Other names: Padoek, Padauk, Camwood, Osun, Barwood, Kisese, Palo rojo, Mbel, N'gula, Mukula

                        Mongola, Tacula

Botanical name: Pterocarpus soyauxii

Density: Green 890 - 1,000 kg/m3

     Seasoned 770 kg/m3 (Average at 12% MC)

Durability: Very durable

Grain: Straight / Slightly Interlocked

Texture: Coarse

Heartwood: Vivid red varying through shades of red to brown. Toning down on exposure

Sapwood: Whitsih clearly distinguishable

Sawing: Power required (Slight blunting effect)

Drying: Slow

              Risk of distortion: Slight

              Risk of checking: Slight

Machining: Difficulties due to irregular grain

Wood bending: No information

Gluing: Special precuation needed

Nailing: Holding properties - Good

Finishing: Good

End uses: Interior & exterior Joinery, Flooring, Boat building & fitting, High class furniture, Turnery, Carving, Vehicle fraiming